Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vacation, all i ever wanted

Austin I have been married for over two years, and until this mini-vacation, we had never taken a vacation alone together besides our honeymoon. Having our families and lots of friends in driving distance from Nola meant we used most of our off time to visit them. We decided it was time for us to take a little trip alone together, and I couldn't be happier with that decision!

Because of my school schedule, and Austin's work schedule, our vacations don't really happen at the same time. So in August, we had a long weekend where we were both off and chose that weekend for our trip. We wanted to go somewhere within a short driving distance, so we decided to go to Hot Springs. We found this fabulous bed & breakfast to stay at, and it was out of our price range, but we decided to stay one less night so we could afford it. SO glad we did. This place was amazing!!!

Most Bed & Breakfasts kind of make me think I'm sleeping in someone's grandma's room. Not this one. The whole building was beautiful and relaxing. It was so nice I just wanted to stay there all day! Our balcony had two rocking chairs that we could sit in and look out over Lake Hamilton.

Heres a link to the place, Lookout Point Inn, in case you want to check it out!

Every morning they serve AMAZING breakfast in the dining room. And before breakfast is served, coffee is ready outside your door at 7AM! So we would get up, get coffee, and get back in bead and drink it while looking out at the lake! Breakfast was unbelievable, coffee, juices, and several delicious courses. Here are a few pics of our fabulous food, i forgot to bring my camera to breakfast so austin snapped a few with his Iphone.

This is a berry shortcake.... yummmmmm. Notice the cute mugs! Each of these mugs are handmade by a pottery company, and lots of bed & breakfasts all over the country have mugs like this made. Some guests travel around just to collect them :)

This is Huevos Trifecta... Eggs cooked in cream in butter atop prosciutto on english muffins. again, amazing. In addition to amazing breakfast, in the afternoons they had an Innkeeper's reception with appetizers, dessert and wine!

Austin and I have both been to Hot Springs before, and there's only so much you can do, but it was fun! We went to all the lookouts and went to the Mountain Tower (an observatory thats like a zillion feet above land). We also did lots of antiquing, and lots of relaxing in the gardens of the B&B. Every night after dinner we sat on our balcony and drank wine and talked for hours. All in all it was a GREAT trip. Here are some more pictures.

Another view from our balcony

Austin and I at one of the lookouts

Pretty view

Austin on some rocks

Austin reading in the hammock in the garden

View from the Mountain Tower


View of the B&B from the back

I could post pictures all day! It was beautiful. The best part about it was getting to spend time alone with Austin. I think sometimes its hard for us to create spaces for us to reconnect as husband and wife when we are home, but getting away from all the distractions of everyday life gave us that chance to reconnect and it was wonderful. I am so incredibly blessed to have Austin as my husband. We are already planning our next getaway, and we hope to return to Lookout Point Inn very soon!

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