Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm bad at blogging

I'm obviously bad at keeping up with my blog, but i'll keep trying :)

I have finished my first semester of grad school! Can't believe how fast it flew by!! And tomorrow, Austin will have his first day with students at his new school! I can't believe how quickly summer has gone by.

I wanted to post about our new kayaks that we got a few weeks ago! For a little over a year, Austin has been begging to get a kayak. Begging. It became a source for arguments between us. I was okay with him getting one, but we had no place to keep it, as our former apartment complex wouldn't allow us to keep it on our porch. I didn't really want a 14 ft. kayak in the bedroom.

Fast forward to now, we live in shreveport, have a GARAGE (gasp!), and Austin worked an extra job this summer so had some well earned money to spend and he planned on getting a kayak. Well we went to Bass Pro Shop one day, and found TWO kayaks that were exactly what he wanted.... for over 50% off!! So we bought both of them so that he wouldn't have to kayak alone!

I haven't been able to go as much because I was busy with school, but austin has been throughly enjoying the new boats! Here are some pictures from our first time taking them out.

It was super fun! I am looking forward to going kayaking more when the weather cools down. We also are hoping to take them up to Arkansas on some camping trips soon!

Next post will be about our mini-vacation to a bed & breakfast in Arkansas (amaaaaazing!) and hopefully I'll post it soon!

p.s. we miss NOLA!

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