Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to school, back to school

After a wonderful 3 week break, I am back to school. Yesterday was the first day of classes. Being in such a small program is nice, because I don't have the stress of not knowing people, or new teachers.... all our classes are even in the same room! Having such a busy break didn't give me much time to be ready to go back to school, but as soon as I got in class I was completely geeking out over everything. I am so happy to be studying something i love SO much!

Speaking of studying... all that studying paid off last semester and I made a 4.0!! I managed to get through the semester making an A on every assignment, test and paper except for one B! I say this not to brag... but if you knew me in undergrad you know how much of a turn around this is. In undergrad I skipped class to lay in quad, never studied, procrastinated chronically.... and i graduated with barely a B average. But now that I am studying something I'm passionate about, it's completely different. I think and talk about school and speech-language pathology CONSTANTLY. I annoy the crap out of everyone :D

This semester will be tough, because I'm taking 15 hrs (5 classes). But I'm actually excited about every single one of them! I'm most excited about Research, because i looooove research and writing papers. I'm also taking Aphasia, Articulation Disorders, Clinical Audiology, and Linguistics & Psycholinguistics. I'll also be doing lots of observations of therapy sessions, because I will get my own clients in January!!!! (Scary but so exciting)

Last semester I wrote a research paper for my anatomy class on Vocal Fold Hydration, and I loved the topic! My professor asked me to present it at our school's research day, so in November I'll get to show my research to all of the other Allied Health students.... well... those who come :)

I have to go to class now!

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